Need a brand central for brand management? Use Digital Asset Management

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Protect your corporate identity and brand assets

If you work with a global brand, you’ll know how many touchpoints are involved in ensuring a consistent corporate identity. Customers and potential customers meet your brand online on your website or social media channels, offline in stores or at trade fairs or through advertising and PR campaigns. 

Digizuite™ Media Manager is a self-service Brand Central, giving you full control over all the brand assets that make up your brand so you can maintain strategic brand management across all channels and touchpoints. It provides one digital library for storing and managing files, images and videos that can be accessed by internal colleagues across the organization or by external vendors and partners. 


Full brand control across all customer touchpoints

When you upload digital files, you can use metadata and tags to make it easier for others to find the content. And to ensure that your brand assets are only accessed by the right people, each file is given user rights. This means internal images stay internal and when files are updated everyone can be sure they have the latest version.

With Digizuite™ Media Manager you have the solution you need to optimize your brand management across all channels and create a strong consistent corporate identity in all markets and in all media.


What's your strategy?

Only 27% of marketers have a process in place to collect, organize and manage visual assets. (CMO Council)

Why Digizuite™ DAM?

  • Increased efficiency when managing brand assets on multiple platforms
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased control of how and where your brand assets are used
  • Improved collaboration – internally and externally
  • Increased productivity through optimized and automated digital processes
  • Strong role based access control
  • Approval workflows ensure higher quality and brand consistency
Digizuite™ DAM helps us collect all our digital content in one place. From this digital engine, we manage and distribute media files across the organisation and external channels.
— Developing Funen

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