Stop paying the price for unused content

In a B2B research, SiriusDecision Inc found that 70% of content ends up being unused.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is effective management and distribution of digital assets such as images, documents, video, creative files, audio etc.

Dear CMO - Get in the DAM game

When shopping for new technology, digital asset management solutions are never on the top of the wish list. Marketers leave the not-so-sexy parts to CIOs. It's time for CMOs to get in the DAM game.  

Integrate DAM and customer experience to remove silos and increase efficiency

Integrating DAM and customer experience management (CXM) will provide you with the ability to find what you need when you need it. DAM for Sitecore.

5 reasons why a strong photo concept is an elementary part of your content strategy

Photos evoke emotions better than text. Consider using rich media content in your communications initiatives for a strong photo concept

Why you shouldn’t rely on Dropbox-like tools for professional brand management

Throughout your company’s lifetime, your employees will produce a large amount of digital files. A DAM system can help you take control of your valued assets. 

What is a Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy is a tactical plan of accomplishing a business objective with the help of digital tools, including digital asset management software.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing boosts website traffic and makes your customer more confident when purchasing your products. That's why video marketing is efficent. 

Cross-Channel Marketing with DAM

In the future, you will have more channels and more digital assets. Learn how digital asset management (DAM) can help your cross-channel marketing strategy.

Why metadata should be the love of your life

Metadata is valuable and descriptive information added to a file that thereby becomes an asset. Get the DAM metadata best practices.