One place for all your digital assets


Digizuite™ will never keep you up at night 

Digizuite™ Media Manager is a highly secure digital asset management system, designed to ensure your files are safe and protected. Your content is secured by an enhanced access and permission control. You define access rights to your digital assets based on individual users, groups or roles. These rights management processes can also be connected with other systems through AD sync.
This ensures that the right people have access to the right content when they need it, from whatever device they are using. And you remain in full control of your digital information – and your brand.


Full brand compliance across multiple touchpoints

Keep track of digital content
Retain control of access, editing rights and sharing

Available anywhere
In the cloud, on your smartphone – wherever you need it

Compatible with all major software
Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Sitecore

Intuitive user interface
Easy to upload, modify and share your digital files


When your business grows and develops,
so does Digizuite™

In today's business environment, change is always constant. That’s why Digizuite™ Media Manager is a scalable enterprise DAM system that can be configured and adjusted to match your needs. When you add markets, use different marketing channels or start working with different vendor or customer groups, it can be adapted to your exact needs while still giving you the performance, overview and faster work processes you need. Read more about integrations

We initiated with Digizuite last year, who have been helping us structuring our assets for all sorts of purposes within the university. Digizuite’s software and staff will enable us to move faster digitally and control our digital content in the fast moving world of tomorrow.
— Linköping University

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In the cloud

Enjoy high levels of flexibility in your operating environment

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Designed for enhanced collaboration and easy usability across all devices

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Rights management 

Access and permission control for secure collaboration

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Automated workflows

Get automated workflows for easier content sharing and repurposing

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Security first

Your security and peace
of mind are our highest priority

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Compatible with all major software systems through an open API

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Powerful engine

Reliable performance and fully scalable

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Cross platform

From online to print to sales materials and back again in just one click

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