Automated workflows for easy digital asset management


You’re probably familiar with the challenges: a huge amount of digital files, locations in multiple countries, different material, many vendors, and numerous on- and offline marketing channels. Being able to quickly find, distribute and share digital files is critical for efficiency. With Digizuite™ DAM, you can create automated workflows for repeated tasks using a full-blown digital asset management system.

For example, if you use know new product shots are going to be used as the images in your web shop and printed catalogue, this can be set up to happen automatically. And when you produce the newsletter highlighting these new products, these images can automatically be used once again.


 Automation makes you more efficient

In Digizuite DAM™, all files are organized and stored in the central repository with metadata and tags. Simply use the search function and you’ll get all relevant content. And once you’ve found the file you need, it’s automatically repurposed for the media where it will be used. If you work with digital files, you’ll appreciate the difference this can make to the efficiency of your working day. 

We use Digizuite to manage all product images and share them in different formats. Great functionality.
— Annelouise Moes, Matas A/S


The DAM solution that won’t break the bank

We make sure that your Digizuite™ DAM solution meets your exact needs – no more, no less. That’s why you only pay for the aspects of Digizuite™ DAM you use.

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