Integrate DAM and CX to remove silos and increase efficiency


In the digital era, the battle for winning and retaining customers is becoming more complex. Customer loyalty is at its minimum. If they are left with a poor experience, whether it’s in a physical store or on your website, you can be sure that your customers will seek new options. In a world where success is defined by pace, agility is crucial. You have only a couple of seconds to make a memorable impact.

Brands are pursuing new ways to achieve a shorter time-to-market, and are therefore pressured to excel in delivering relevant and timely customer experiences, on the right channels to the right people. Brand Managers are increasingly producing various forms of digital content to serve the needs of current and potential customers. Rich media content such as images, videos, graphics, whitepapers, presentations, and infographics, fuel customer experiences.

Integrating digital asset management (DAM) with customer experience management (CXM) will not only provide you with the ability to find what you need when you need it. You will also ensure that only the right people have access to specific content through a structured and precisely defined rights management organization. You will remove complexity, protect your brand, reach a faster time-to-market and ensure brand consistency on any channel.

Navigate through the digital landscape by removing complexity and silos   

Although they are aiming to become digital leaders, businesses are still operating in silos across teams and software solutions when managing digital content. Different people get their hands on organizing files, resulting in fragmented masses of digital content across image banks, hard drives, servers and cloud solutions. Unfortunately, losing track of valued marketing material is reality for many businesses. As a result of not being able to successfully locate updated marketing material, companies end up using the wrong content, ultimately damaging their brand.

Take control of rich media content and CXM from one place

Each time a potential customer signs up for your newsletter or visits your website, they expect to see relevant content corresponding to the needs they may have. For instance, a woman who is interested in designer bags and has clicked on your email newsletter content containing bags will expect to find information on your website that tells her where she can purchase the bag she has clicked on. By uniting DAM and CXM, you will always be able to present your rich media content in a way that meets your customers’ expectations while ensuring your images or video can be viewed in a format that fits whatever device she is currently using.

Ensure brand consistency across channels

Global brands that are operating across a variety of markets use tons of brand assets for multiple campaigns. Each brand asset needs to be approved by the head marketing office and made available for Brand Managers in each market. Local Brand Managers will be empowered to use this content to create relevant and engaging customer experiences on their respective channels.

Why Digizuite™ DAM and Sitecore Experience Platform are a powerful match  

As consumer behavior changes, brands must invest in technologies that help marketers do what they do best. Technology is the enabler, and it should enforce an all-around approach to growth across the entire organization.

A unified, intelligent repository is the answer. Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is a powerful digital hub for you and your team using Sitecore to create compelling customer experiences. It helps you streamline digital processes and gives you access to all your digital content from a single source by connecting a strong digital asset management system with your Sitecore Experience Explorer. All this is available directly from your Sitecore platform.

How Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore helps our clients grow  

The British Medical Association is a DAM for Sitecore customer who has successfully embraced a single source approach to digital content. The organization is going through a major transformation that places digital at the heart of everything they do. The keyword is integration. After arranging a digital marriage between their centralized digital asset management system and Sitecore (along with other digital tools), the BMA have ensured brand compliance in every new piece of content they produce. Digizuite™ DAM supports an integrated approach to their entire content life cycle, including storage, management, development, conversion, distribution, and re-use of all images, infographics, video content, and brand elements on multiple channels. The result? Their employees have more time to be effective while successfully performing creative processes through automated, optimized and timesaving digital workflows.

Meet the new generation of DAM for Sitecore            

Digizuite is releasing the 8th generation of DAM for Sitecore. The new module is built in SPEAK components, meaning it is seamlessly integrated with Sitecore in any feature from search and Experience Editing to analytics. The new features in DAM for Sitecore 8.0 provide users with a high level of usability, a revamped user interface and new functionalities.

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is everything you need for branding on multiple channels. It’s your key to an improved world of multi-channel management where Sitecore functions as your central marketing hub.

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