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Are you leveraging the full value of video management? 

The importance of video as a marketing tool is undisputed. In fact, 70% of buyers in a B2B situation watch a video about what they’re buying before they make a purchase. With Digizuite™ Media Manager, you have a central video management repository for uploading, storing, adjusting and distributing video across your organization



High quality streaming on any device anywhere

Simply upload a video, add metadata and user rights and your organization will quickly see your video library grow. Furthermore, Digizuite™ DAM automatically optimizes the quality of your video playback using adaptive bitrate for the ultimate user experience. This adapts streaming to the speed of the internet connection so your video has great playback even on slower connections. 

The Digizuite™ DAM can be used to upload and share videos on all popular video services and social media, as well as in closed channels. Each video is assigned a title, tags and metadata. Not only does this make it easier for users to find the video they need but it will improve your SEO and online visibility.

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With video management you are in full control

Digizuite™ Media Manager puts you in full control of how you show your videos. Whether they are used internally or externally, they can be linked to other related videos that you select. 

Digizuite provides us with control of our own brand universe. We can adjust Digizuite™ Media Manager using our own design and branding elements, while being able to control related videos. The video portal is our primary resource for all video material. We upload to Digizuite™ and share the content on multiple channels, including our video portal, YouTube channel, several websites, our partners’ websites and LinkedIn company pages. Our users find it easy to use and we come across as more professional.
— Developing Funen
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Manage your video content easily

• Share videos on social media
• Distribute video through open or closed channels
• Comment on videos
• Draw and annotate within videos
• Define access rights for users
• Adjust the graphic style to match brand profile
• Use the video in different languages


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