Digital Asset Management Case Study: Developing Funen


Knowledge is a highly valued resource at Developing Funen. The organization builds and collects relevant market knowledge and insights to ensure growth for selected business areas across industries.

The combination of being present on multiple digital channels, generating hundreds of media files across the organization and cooperating with many external partners sometimes results in challenges and digital disorder. To overcome this complexity, Developing Funen chose to invest in a strategic IT tool that makes their day-to-day work easier and more efficient, while improving digital collaboration. Developing Funen aims to promote the Danish island of Funen, promote business growth and attract emerging businesses to base themselves on Funen. This has resulted in a strategy with an emphasis on six core business markets: Food & Foodtech; Maritime; Experience Economy; Energy & Construction; Clean Tech; and IT & Robotics.

Knowledge sharing through digital content

“While our business areas range from tourism to environmental initiatives, there is always a risk of increased complexity due to our growing amount of market knowledge. Our business developers gain knowledge. However, if this knowledge is not shared with anyone else, it becomes useless”, says Morten Juul Velander, Project Manager of Design & Web in Developing Funen’s communications department.

Previously, we used to search for our documents, images and files using unstructured methods. Typically, we would start by looking on the server or asking a colleague. It wasn’t the best way possible and we ended up wasting time,” explains Morten Juul Velander.

Udvikling Fyn

Everything is managed from a centralized digital engine  

With an increasing amount of digital content such as videos, white papers, reports, templates, Excel sheets, PDF files and numerous logos, they naturally felt a need for a shared digital platform for efficient media asset management. A centralized place where employees and external partners could easily access the valuable market information coming from business developers and share it with others. A strategic tool that would streamline and automate digital collaboration and minimize time wastage, while strengthening their strategy for promoting businesses on Funen.

“Digital asset management is of great value to us. Digizuite™ DAM helps us collect all our digital content in one place. From this digital engine we manage and distribute media files across the organization and external channels. We need to be able to react quickly under external influence. This is where the single source of truth proves its value. For instance, if we need to edit a document or logo, we make the changes in Digizuite™ DAM. The changes then come into effect on all our communication channels”.

More and more user-generated videos

Developing Funen has launched a website called, focusing on facts and sharing knowledge about tech companies to support the IT & Robotics sector. The website is based on storytelling, using videos, infographics and images. Developing Funen sees the potential of using video and visual elements in their communications. It is a quick way to communicate new knowledge and easy to present in meetings.

Morten Juul Velander has no doubts. “Videos simply work. We are constantly adjusting and adapting our knowledge into different formats for different target groups. Videos are an effective tool for passing on information. Our business developers are proactive in terms of producing their own videos using a smartphone. They make presentations and conduct interviews. That means we now possess a large quantity of both user-generated and professional videos.”

More control with a video portal

To manage the large volume of videos, Developing Funen has connected their video portal with their centralized DAM solution, functioning as a digital foundation within their communications strategy.

“The video portal provides us with control of our own brand universe. We can adjust the video portal using our own design and branding elements, while being able to control related videos. The video portal is our primary resource for all video material. We upload to the DAM Center and share the content on multiple channels, including our video portal, YouTube channel, several websites, our partners’ websites and LinkedIn company pages. Our users find it easy to use and we come across as more professional”.

Improving digital collaboration across teams and channels

The tourism sector is also an area of priority at Developing Funen. They work closely with the tourism organization VisitDenmark in their branding efforts to promote tourism on Funen. For example, the communications team at Developing Funen can upload new images to VisitDenmark’s external media center, ensuring seamless digital collaboration for the two parties.

In the future, Developing Funen aims to expand their solution to include all business areas. To accomplish this plan, they will produce a handbook for the use of Digizuite™ DAM along with workshops to enable employees and external partners to upload and distribute digital content on their own. Morten Juul Velander also sees the potential in implementing live streaming at events.

In their daily work, they experience benefits such as automated processes, increased knowledge-sharing, brand consistency across channels, saved costs and better performance across software systems due to integration.

“Digizuite™ DAM is fast becoming our centralized media center, where everyone can find and share market information that will eventually help increase business opportunities on Funen”, says Morten Juul Velander.

About Developing Funen  

Developing Funen is a regional development company, whose aim is to help the growth of employment and revenue on the Danish island of Funen. The work of Developing Funen targets six business area. Developing Funen serves as the link between enterprises, educational institutions and local authorities, helping promote the involvement of enterprises in growing national and global markets to ensure lasting growth for them and, as a consequence, for Funen itself.



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