Whitepaper: The typical Digital Asset Management user

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The typical digital asset management user

The increased production of digital content for both internal and external use is causing digital anarchy in many organizations. The marketing team is not the only department producing new content. When asked to send over new material, most employees waste time searching through contrasting image banks, servers, and stand-alone cloud solutions, and eventually send bulk emails with large attachments to different stakeholders. When different people are responsible for organizing files, companies suffer through fragmented masses of digital content, ultimately losing track of business-critical material.

This is where a DAM system proves its value. A unified, intelligent repository built to make it easy for you and your colleagues to search, find and share the content you need. Download this free digital asset management whitepaper and learn about:

  • The typical users of a well-implemented and efficient DAM system
  • How each department can leverage DAM to take control of digital content
  • Get inspiration for different DAM use cases in your company


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