Digital Asset Management Case study: University of Southern Denmark


Video is an integrated tool actively being used in classrooms at the University of Southern Denmark. The students and teachers record their exercises on their smartphones and upload them on MediaSDU – a private video management portal that is built to protect personal data. They collaborate, comment, and draw within the videos to add to the quality of their teaching.


A safe alternative to YouTube

– We are a part of an EU project called ‘Students in Focus’. One of the initiatives was the establishment of MediaSDU, which is a video management portal for teachers and students. This enables us to use video actively when teaching, tells Tina Malene Ørsted, Project Manager, University of Southern Denmark.

MediaSDU is a video portal that enables e.g. chiropractic students to record different exercises using their smartphones or iPads. The videos are uploaded to a secured environment with access only for students from their classes and their teachers. Within the portal, teachers and students can draw and comment on the videos as a way of giving constructive feedback on each other’s exercises.

– MediaSDU is a safe alternative to YouTube. The ability to control the rights is very restrictive and the video portal lives up to the standards of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data. Furthermore, students can interact with each other within a closed environment, which ensures that nobody can distribute the videos. Our solution is unique compared to other video solutions on the market. We can collaborate with external partners within a safe, digital environment, Tina Malene Ørsted continues.


Rewarded for innovative, digital solution    

The University of Southern Denmark’s video solution is the result of a project for the chiropractic students. The video project manager later received the 2014 Teacher of the Year Award for integrating an innovative, digital solution as a part of the education.

– In the beginning, we planned to hang cameras from the ceiling to film the chiropractic students’ exercises, but when Digizuite presented their mobile solution with the ability to record using mobile devices, we chose to pursue that solution as we can incorporate it into other study programs, Tina Malene Ørsted explains.

Potential for more than 30.000 users on MediaSDU

A number of departments at the University of Southern Denmark now have access to the video solution, which is already being utilized in the professional postgraduate teacher training as well as in evaluating the teachers’ ability to communicate. MediaSDU is also being implemented as a part of research projects with user-controlled access, and e-learning consultants are also using the portal as a tool when teaching.

The University of Southern Denmark is working on providing more study programs with access to MediaSDU, enabling approximately 28,000 students and 4,000 employees to use video for digital learning.

Simple and easy to use

– It’s fantastic to be able to reach so many people with one solution. Many people may not consider this, but having a simple structure that makes it easy to use the functionalities and search your videos is central when choosing a video portal provider. Digizuite™ Video Portal has proven to do just that. This means that everyone can use the portal without any further introduction. This is an important factor in attracting more people to use the portal. People simply opt out of IT solutions if they are too complicated to use, Tina Malene Ørsted concludes.

Facts about MediaSDU

Targeted videos

  • Create closed groups with login rights for e.g. student groups or partners

  • Share with specific people or groups

  • Control who can upload to the group


  • You have a log of access to videos

  • Abides by the rules of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data

Full control

  • Teachers have rights to all material within the forums they create

New opportunities

  • Upload videos directly from your smartphone or tablet with a few clicks

  • Teacher and students can comment on the uploaded videos

  • Looping function and step function for analysis of the videos

  • Annotate (drawing and illustrations) within the videos

Easy collaboration

  • Give access to external persons to create a smooth collaboration with other organizations on e.g. research projects



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