Rights management gives you total control


Security is the highest priority in the Digizuite™ DAM solution. Your collaboration and approval processes are always highly secure with access and permission control defined by your business processes. This ensures any confidential information remains just that – confidential.

Each time you upload a file, you assign it user and access rights. This means if you launch a new product in one market, you can control the files associated with it and ensure that these can only be seen by the relevant markets. And when you update or change any files, these changes can also be controlled so they are seen and accessible by the correct user groups. 

Regardless of whether your Digizuite™ DAM solution is in the cloud or on premise, our rights management will meet the highest security standards. Our digital asset management cloud solutions are based on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, both of which are renowned for their high levels of security. 

It has never been more simple to manage digital assets.
— Video 4news


The DAM solution that won't break the bank

We make sure that your Digizuite DAM solution meets your exact needs – no more, no less. That’s why you only pay for the aspects of Digizuite DAM you use.

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