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Digizuite is a comprehensive digital asset management solution built with your business processes in mind. However, it has often been proven that simply introducing new systems is no guarantee for success.

At Digizuite we take pride in knowing our customers. Based on your business objectives we help you to create order in a chaotic digital world by building an efficient digital landscape. Our thoroughly tested project model and highly skilled consultants ensure project success. We do not only do digital asset management – we do digital process management.

You will feel the difference.


Our 5-step product model is your guarantee for success

When choosing a digital asset management solution delivered by Digizuite your project will be based on your organizations goals, strategies and business processes. Our best practice methods and a thoroughly tested 5-step project model is your security for a successful project.


Step 1 - Strategy

Before even starting up the project, we are clarifying: 

WHY is Digizuite important for your strategy? WHY is there a need in your company?

WHOM are the user groups and HOW do you expect the users to use the system?

WHAT do you want to achieve? What are your business goals? Improved processes? Cost savings? Brand control? 

We create the overall project architecture and do the first take of a project timeline. Now we are ready to continue to step 2.



Step 2 - Design & Analysis

To gain a successful project it all comes down to preparation and planning. That’s why the most important step in our project model is step 2 “Design and analysis”. We are analyzing your needs, pains and requirements: Which processes can be optimized? How can your processes be optimized digitally? Do you need any automatic workflows? Do you need any integrations? Depending on the complexity we do it either on-site, online or a combination. Step 1 and 2 are the most critical steps for the outcome of your project, so we do it properly.


Step 3 - Implementation & Testing

When Step 2 is well done, it is our experience that step 3 “Implementation and testing” is running smooth. We break down the implementation phase into smaller work packages to ensure, that we reach the milestones set. Throughout this phase we have continuous testing, to ensure your users will have a great user experience from the first second they meet their new Digizuite system. 


Step 4 - Training

A well-implemented system is of no value if the users does not know how to use it. That is why our experienced consultants train you and your users in exploring your new system’s opportunities. We believe in end user training based on roles and needs. That’s why our training sessions focuses 80% on your daily needs and 20% on general understanding of the solution. 
We do also train you in environment maintenance and general architecture understanding if necessary. If your project contains 3rd party integration to Digizuite™, we provide API training as well. 


Step 5 - Evaluate & Improve

The world is constantly changing and so is your business’ markets. It is important to continuously reflect on improved processes and set new goals for optimization and scope of usage. Your Digizuite™ system is highly scalable and by evaluating and improving your solution you make sure to always have a solution that fulfills your needs.  
Our ambition is to make your business stronger by taking care of your needs.  

With Digizuite you are in safe hands.




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