Visual rebirth of


The initial meeting that lead to the first clickable prototype

Over the years, we’ve had some good websites. But maybe they didn’t quite manage to maintain a level of consistency, and there may have been too much content. I thought it needed an improvement in terms of user experience and visual content. This lead me to initiate a new website project, taking quality to new levels.     

Visual rebirth

We set up a working group consisting of stakeholders. Everyone was invited to brainstorm on ideas and wishes. We wrote our ideas on papers that ended up hanging on our walls. Some ideas emerged later on in the process, while others were dropped. At this stage it was important to speak up – everyone had a voice.  

When you define content and form, it is important to build rough drafts using a UX tool. We decided to use Adobe Experience Design and Marvel App. Adobe Experience Design enables us to quickly outline the prototype. In Marvel App we linked all the pages, enabling us to edit and make changes simultaneously.

This provided an easy overview of the site. I collaborated with UX Designer Lone Nordberg on the prototype, ensuring high quality in the website’s structure, content and usability. The rest of the team was able to get an overview of the site without the disturbing elements such as colors and visuals that could interfere in the decision around content.

UX Wireframes

Finding the core of Digizuite's visual voice

When I began working with the new design and was looking at an empty canvas, I decided to build a mood board to create consistency in all design elements and expression. Prior to this, I had been researching, collecting ideas, images, elements and screen dumps of what inspired me. I wrote notes about how I hoped the new elements would communicate and which feelings they should evoke. It was also a matter of defining Digizuite’s visual core. For a long time, we had tried different ideas, however, the results were not astonishing. Now, we were finally able to boil it down to the basics. 

Mood board

Another important factor is the font. After a while, I found the combination of fonts that I believe play well together with the graphic elements. For headlines and body, I chose Europa, which is an easy to read, modern and beautiful typography. For the button navigations, I chose Futura, which looks astonishing in capital letters, and is easy to read in call-to-action elements.

I wanted to show our products as alive as possible, and I considered creating videos with Adobe After Effects, which is the preferred tool for our kinds of software product videos. However, our solutions are constantly being developed and improved, and it would therefore be a heavy process to update and create new videos each time. I was inspired by InVision, it uses live images and GIF animations. The GIF format is perfect for simple and short product videos. They are automatically played, on all devices, without having to press play. And they are easy to create and update with the Screenflow tool.

We chose a new corporate color. We wanted something unique and something that is easy to recognize. The color should be easy to read on both light and dark backgrounds, and it should fit well into the elements chosen in the mood board. We chose #31b69f.

Digizuite corporate color

Our marketing team has worked closely with an external copywriter on delivering sharp and concise messages. We have prioritized a call-to-action button all the right places to help our visitors get in touch with us and request an online demo. To increase visibility in Google, our marketing team made sure to focus on SEO across the entire site.

All these elements were gathered in an intuitive CMS, making it easy for everyone to work with content and ensuring usability on smartphone, tablets and desktop.


Going the extra mile

Looking back at the whole process, there has been one priority and dedication from all involved parties: careful attention to details and doing one’s best. This does not only go for our website project, but extends to all teams - from product management to sales & marketing. We challenge ourselves and each other, and we don’t take the easy way out. At Digizuite, we help each other evolve to become a better team and unit that delivers high class software solutions to our customers around the world each and every time.

Welcome to our new universe.

VP Product Design - Allan Marcuslund


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