VIDEO: Digital Asset Management and Sitecore

VIDEO- Digital Asset Management and Sitecore

Your target market is on the rise. Your customers are expecting seamless experiences on each communications channel. Some companies are still not prepared. Do you have what it takes to deliver? To win in the long run, strategic brand management is a key factor.

If you are already using Sitecore Experience Platform to manage your brand, digital asset management (DAM) is a natural fit. The DAM for Sitecore module helps manage all your files and their underlying data on multiple channels from one place. We'll give you one example: As soon as you edit a file from one location, it will automatically be modified on all platforms (your website, social media and other integrated platforms). Save one file and it will automatically be distributed and converted to all your desired channels. DAM for Sitecore offers you the following advantages:

  • Timesaving processes – Digizuite™ DAM converts and streamlines all your digital content, such as images, videos and documents, saving you time and headache.

  • A core foundation in your digital strategy – no more IT silos. The Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore connector provides you with a central repository to control the full lifecycle of your files, including storage, search and distribution across a host of online channels, such as Sitecore. With a high performance and scalability, you can make the system fit all your needs. Automatic file conversions and approval workflows is making it even more efficient for you when working with digital assets.

  • Improved digital collaboration – DAM is the center of global collaboration across industries. It helps increase collaboration within your teams and organization, allowing content sharing with outside collaborators (agencies, freelancers, the press, partners, and customers).

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