Gigantic amounts of video; how DAM and Azure cloud make magic


‘Modesty is the best policy’. This seems to have been Digizuite’s motto for years. But not anymore. In recent years, the Danish digital asset management supplier has transformed completely and they have doubled the number of employees in the process of going global. The transformation is shaped by a strong focus on the product roadmap, while directing resources on integrating Digizuite™ DAM with other digital solutions that provide great value for companies.

The first step was to develop standard integrations for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. Then, Digizuite signed up for a Gold Technology Partnership with Sitecore, based on the development of a seamlessly integrated standard DAM for Sitecore module. Now, the company further attacks the market by signing up for a silver partnership for Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.

“We keep on developing our network of strong technology partners to build ready-made solutions on Azure to use in our client’s businesses. Having a single source for digital assets is crucial for many of our clients and therefore it makes good sense to partner up with Digizuite”, says Lars Bell, SMS&P Director, Microsoft Denmark.


A full-blown digital asset management solution in Azure cloud

With the new Microsoft Azure Cloud partnership, Digizuite is the first DAM vendor in the market who can offer companies a complete enterprise cloud solution, where the digital asset management system is directly connected to Sitecore and integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft.

The company has several global customers running Digizuite™ in Azure Cloud. One of the biggest Digizuite™ Azure cloud solutions is held by Endemol Shine Group, the largest independent television and digital production company in the world.


Endemol Shine Group is a frontrunner

As a producer and distributor, Endemol Shine Group works on a unique local and global axis, comprised of 120 companies across more than 30 markets. They are headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2015, Endemol Shine Group produced a total of 733 productions in over 50 languages airing on 256 channels around the world. This sums up to a large amount of TB data that needs to be hosted in a secure, scalable and reliable solution. Not many software solutions can handle this gigantic amount of digital assets and that is why Endemol chose Digizuite™ and Azure.

“Endemol Shine Group was looking for a DAM that could not only manage our marketing assets, but also interlink with Sitecore and Azure’s cloud environment. Of course, we valued high performance, scalability and video capabilities within one system as a key differentiator. Together with our suppliers Digizuite and Microsoft, we implemented the scalable and reliable solution which makes executing our asset flow sustainable and future proof”, says Jeroen Fessl, Endemol Shine Group.

“For Digizuite, the Microsoft Azure partnership is a strategic choice that will lead us well into the future, mark our presence on the DAM vendor landscape, while placing us a few steps ahead of our competitors. With Microsoft Azure, we are able to manage global customers in one setup, providing customers with outstanding performance and an optimal opportunity to scale their solution up and down as needed. Previously, large companies had concerns about security in the cloud. With this new partnership, companies can concentrate on growing their businesses, while the combination of DAM and cloud is ensuring strong performance”, says Søren Skovbølling, Chairman of the board, Digizuite.

Learn more about Digizuite™ in the cloud here.


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