Product news: Digizuite reaches new levels


At Digizuite, we are committed to constantly improving the solutions you use to give you a better experience and make it easy to collaborate on digital content.

Here are a few selected new features that we have added to Digizuite™ DAM Center and Digizuite™ Media Manager.


Get statistical insights on the use of your digital assets

Digizuite™ Insights provides you with enhanced metrics analytics giving you even more information of the use of Digizuite™. You can get access to data on popular assets by the number of downloads, as well as login activity information. 

Digizuite™ Insights is a valuable resource for sharing data internally in your organization. You can use the tool for measuring how well your assets perform and present this knowledge in monthly, weekly or daily reports to your management. If your Digizuite™ platform is used externally for branding purposes, Digizuite™ Insights gives you a quick overview of content that is in high demand.

Digizuite™ Insights

Your own customized splashscreen

We have made it easy to customize your splashscreen in Digizuite™ Media Manager on all devices. Here you can use your own headline, content, colors and languages.


Better functionality when embedding videos

The Digizuite™ embed video functionality is seeing major improvements. From the design to the options offered, everything is changed…for the better. When embedding a video into e.g. your website, the new panel offers the possibility of showing more options to configure the player in the following areas: size, quality, and auto start.


Full HD support

The full HD video format (1920x1080) is now available for configuring in fresh installations. No matter if it’s a download quality or preview quality, you can choose it for Digizuite™ Media Manager and Digizuite™ Video Portal.


Easy upload of new files

You can drag assets anywhere in the browser window in the upload section.


....and much more

We have more in store for you. Get all the details of our latest product release.


What does the future hold? 

At the moment, we are focusing on improving our modules and connectors to provide an even more seamless experience in Digizuite™. Stay tuned - we will share the news as soon as we are ready.  


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