New customers: Lalandia, FIVB and Linköping University

Why digital asset management is a must-have for Lalandia FIVB and Linköping University

We are happy to announce new additions to our growing customer base, the Danish family resort LalandiaLinköping University, and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

Digizuite works with ambitious companies and organizations across industries. What they all have in common is their belief in the power of global collaboration. They understand the importance of digital process management to become tomorrow’s digital leaders.

Why digital asset management is a must-have in 2016

Large companies often work in digital silos when managing digital assets like images,  logos, documents and videos. Core business systems like CMS, PIM, image banks and video content libraries are utilized in an inconsistent way as rich media content is spread throughout these systems with no single source of any file. As a result, it is often difficult to locate needed assets. Employees waste time searching through disparate servers and manually distributing large files via email. Sometimes incorrect versions of brand assets end up being used, which makes it difficult to ensure concistency across channels. Digital asset management (DAM) helps establish brand compliance when managing a corporate brand across multiple channels online as well as offline by removing time-consuming manual processes, making it easy for everyone to find exactly what they need no matter time or place.

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