A warm welcome to new CEO in Digizuite

Kim Wolters

Digizuite appoints new CEO to ensure global growth

As of 1st April 2017, Kim Wolters is the new CEO at Digizuite. Kim Wolters is replacing Annette Lang Skovbølling, who has headed the company through a transformation – going from a Nordic to a global software company. Digizuite is one the strongest software companies within DAM software (Digital Asset Management). Digizuite™ DAM optimizes and automates digital processes when managing digital content (images, video, documents, audio, 3D) from one place and sharing on multiple channels. The customer base includes some of the largest brands within their respective fields, which characterizes Digizuite’s customers.

Kim Wolters is 44 years old and has more than 17 years’ experience from the IT and software industry, holding many successful and strategic leadership roles in WM Data, CGI, Logica and EG. Kim Wolters comes from a role as VP at EG, where he has developed solutions for medium-sized and large Nordic companies, with great results to show. Kim Wolters is now heading Digizuite, who is seeing global breakthrough, which is illustrated in the high rating from global researchers as well as an increasing amount of orders in the US market. As CEO, Kim Wolters’ responsibility is to ensure positive development and create massive growth.

”In Gartner’s latest research of Digital Asset Management companies, Digizuite is listed among 9 global software companies. That’s impressive. I’m proud and honored to be granted the responsibility of helping this great team grow”, says Kim Wolters, CEO, Digizuite.   

The Digital Asset Management market is growing at a fast pace

The substantial growth in Digital Asset management software is a direct consequence of the increasing needs coming from enterprises needing to communicate, market, and share knowledge across departments, countries and channels (online and offline) in a global context. Their success highly relies on delivering relevant customer and user experiences fast and efficiently, ultimately resulting in growing amounts of digital content.

Serial entrepreneurs keep a sharp eye on the goal   

Annette Lang Skovbølling will continue in Digizuite as board member and partner, focusing on collaborating with global researchers and partners. Annette Lang Skovbølling is main shareholder of Digizuite with Søren Skovbølling. Together they have been owners and co-owners of more than 10 successful companies for the last two decades.

”Annette has reached exceptional results in the last three years as Digizuite’s CEO. She is by far among the top 3 CEOs I have worked with during my career, and the other one is Kim Wolters, who is taking over. It’s an amazing time for Digizuite, says Søren Skovbølling, chairman of the board, Digizuite.

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