Lalandia will use Digizuite™ DAM to optimize digital processes

Lalandia will use Digizuite™ DAM to optimize digital processes

At Digizuite, we are pleased to announce a warm welcome to one of our newest customers, Lalandia, the greatest family resort in Scandinavia.

Lalandia® has been receiving happy bathing guests at its tropical holiday center in Rødby for more than 25 years. In 2009, Lalandia opened another tropical holiday and activity center in Billund, which includes, among other things, northern Europe’s largest waterpark. The new center is just a stone’s throw from LEGOLAND® and Billund Airport.

Improving the way they work digitally

The plan is to streamline digital business processes and take control of their entire digital content portfolio and media management by centralizing large amounts of images and videos in a unified, digital repository. Lalandia aims to integrate key IT systems, such as Sitecore for CMS (by utilising our DAM for Sitecore module) and Adobe Creative Cloud for creative designs with their Digizuite™ DAM system, that will ensure smooth workflows in marketing processes and enable fast distribution of all content through a variety of channels.

A powerful digital engine for professional management of digital content

The benefits of Digizuite™ are timesaving processes when managing digital content in the entire content lifecycle, including producing, uploading, approving workflows, managing, editing, distributing and repurposing brand assets internally and externally. Digizuite helps ensure brand compliance when managing a corporate brand across multiple channels online as well as offline by removing time-consuming manual processes.

Learn more about the power of digital asset management in this infographic


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