Infographic: Digizuite™ DAM for retail


One of Denmark’s leading retail chains chose to invest in a DAM system, which is fully integrated with their product information, webshop, app and customer club. After successfully implementing Digizuite™ DAM, the retailer saw a shorter their time-to-market due to an automatic ingestion of all images. The images and the product information are automatically connected, and after approval, this information is visible on all external channels in the format that fits each channel. All through automatic workflows.

With the help of a strong digital engine like Digizuite™ DAM, the retailer is able to quickly exhibit their products, they save time in image processing and distribution, and their customers are happy because they are able to search and find products in a matter of seconds. When the company invested in Digizuite™, it was one of the most visionary efforts in Danish e-business. Today, the company is a proud winner of several e-business awards due to their ability of being one step ahead of competitors. Their success is caused by their approach of interconnecting key software systems to ignite intelligent data sharing, and thereby removing digital silos. They have succeeded in understanding the necessity of a cross-organizational approach to digital.


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