House & Co is Digizuite


We believe in making things simple. Now we are making it easier to recognize us for who we are and what we do as a software company.

We are Digizuite

We believe in the power of global collaboration. Our software Digizuite is developed to optimize processes and improve digital collaboration when managing digital assets. Our mission is to unleash unused potential in enterprises by optimizing digital processes. We streamline business processes and automate digital workflows, resulting in increased productivity, minimized time waste and higher competiveness. It’s intelligent digital asset management and efficient digital process management.

“Digizuite is at the forefront of the technology development with one of the leading digital asset management software tools in the market. Ever since our founders shaped a vision for making it easier to manage business critical assets 15 years ago, we have been focusing on simplifying the way our customers collaborate internally and externally. Most of our customers simply call us Digizuite, that’s why we decided to go back to basics”, says Annette Lang Skovbølling, CEO at Digizuite.

We’re still doing what we do best – we are Digizuite.


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