Digizuite™ recognized as top Digital Asset Management software


We’re proud to announce that the leading software review site, Finances Online, has rated Digizuite™ with a score of 8 (out of 10). Thousands of businesses rely on FinancesOnline.com for a comprehensive overview of the digital landscape when researching, comparing and deciding on new software to match their unique business requirements.

Digizuite is featured as one of the popular DAM vendors in their top digital asset management category.

Review experts from FinancesOnline’s team describe our digital asset management software: “Digizuite™ Media Manager provides you with a comprehensive digital asset management that comes with all the basic and premium features you need to manage, control, and maximize the value of all your digital files. Tracking all your digital assets is a breeze, as well as retaining control, editing rights, and sharing”. 

“For businesses that need to reach customers in different markets across a variety of touchpoints, managing digital assets can be both time-consuming and complex. With Digizuite™ DAM, all your rich media content – images, videos, product information – are available centrally with a clearly defined user and access rights so you can keep your brand strong and consistent”.

Digizuite™ is highly secure with enhanced access and permissions

FinancesOnline.com highlight one feature that sets Digizuite apart from competitors – our promise of high-level security: “Digizuite™ Media Manager is a highly secure digital asset management system, designed to ensure your digital files are safe and protected using an enhanced access and permission control. You define media management and access rights to your digital assets based on individual users, groups or roles. These rights management processes can also be connected to other systems through AD sync.”.

Integration and open API  

According to FinancesOnline team of experts, Digizuite's integrations to all major software (Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Sitecore) is a big plus so you can work in your preferred environment. "The Digizuite™ API is not an afterthought – it is front and center for all the Digizuite™ functionalities”.

Other benefits include access from any device, easy to use interface, reporting/analytics, online collaboration with departments, partners and customers and broad distribution capabilities.

Enterprise Digital Asset Management software is built to keep your valued digital media files (images, videos, documents, and other files) safe and protected, enabling anyone with access to find, manage and share digital files for future use.


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