Join Digizuite and Allan Thraen at #EpiDemic Episerver Meetup

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Digizuite is proud to sponsor the #EpiDemic Episerver Meetup in Utrecht, Netherlands 27 June. As an Episerver Add-on Partner, we have recently released a seamlessly integrated DAM Add-on for Epi. We are part of many Epi events around the world to show end users and developers how Digital Asset Management adds value to Episerver.

Join us Thursday, June 27, 5:45 - 8:45 PM, Leidseveer 2, Utrecht, Netherlands. The meetup will be held at the Tribes building where the Episerver Benelux office is located.

Register for the #Epidemic Episerver Meetup here.

Deep-dive into the Digizuite/Episerver integration - Allan Thraen

Epi EMVP, Allan Thraen, has been working with the global DAM vendor, Digizuite, to build an extremely tight integration with Episerver, including content providers, blob providers and much, much more. In this deep-dive session he’ll take us through the integration and the value of having an enterprise DAM for managing your binary assets, as well as touch on some of the more interesting learned technical lessons in building the integration.

About #EpiDemic

#EpiDemic meetups focus on the fast-growing group of Episerver developers in the Netherlands. We offer a platform for Episerver developers to share knowledge and experience. We organize all kinds of meetups that are intended for all development disciplines that have to do with Episerver and it’s therefore an interesting network for both frontend and backend developers. We organize interesting meetings multiple times a year in which knowledge sharing, networking and socializing are central.

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