Digizuite supports your GDPR efforts


The new data privacy law called GDPR is already effective with harsh financial penalties for individuals and companies found guilty of information breaches.

Companies will need to get their information processes in order. Privacy and data protection must be part of their IT systems, so they are GDPR compliant. This means companies need to understand how information flows and the impacts on customer privacy.

On this page, we have elaborated on four ways Digizuite helps support your GDPR compliance efforts.

You need to have a system in place to manage data and security

Companies need to have a way to report privacy breaches and respond to potential complaints from individuals. With Digizuite™ Media Manager, companies can comply with GDPR by having easy processes when naming, tagging, writing captions, and searching for assets to define who is included in each photo or video.

You need to have that system fully documented

Having designated privacy officers, regular staff training and clear data policies will be crucial. If your company gets audited, Digizuite can extract compliance data reports to validate how personal information is held and the purpose and use of data collection. Individuals also have a right to get access to all personal data that you have gathered about them and are managing through the Digizuite™ DAM software. We offer a tool that can extract data and save this information into a file that can be shared with the individual.

Data must be correct

Digizuite™ DAM supports data security by allowing administrators and content editors correct user information directly from the user interface or through our API in connectors/integrations. Digizuite has a Data Processing Agreement ready for customers to sign if required.

You need to operate within the parameters of the GDPR

The guiding principle of GDPR is transparency in collecting data and how it will be used. For example, consent boxes cannot be auto-filled as “yes” and companies must respond to access requests from users within 1 month. Digizuite™ DAM lets customers quickly generate an overview of which data they are storing on all registered users in the system using a command line tool.  



Please get in touch with us if you have questions or would like to hear how Digizuite™ DAM can help govern your digital assets.