Make your digital content travel worldwide with Digizuite™ Media Manager


Digizuite™ helps ensure brand compliance when managing your brand across channels, departments and business units. Meet Paul, Emma and James, and watch how they make their brand visible to the right people.

Meet Paul, marketing director in a global enterprise headquartered in the US. He is in the business of chewing gum. Paul loves his brand and he wants to make it visible everywhere. That’s why he’s utilizing Digizuite™ Media Manager for easy and efficient management of digital content while collaborating with teams around the world. Digizuite™ helps Paul ensure brand compliance across all channels.

It’s a very simple process: he uploads his video from his desk in New York, and adds metadata. Paul likes control so he makes sure that only the right people can access his video. Security and user rights control is highly valued.

Paul’s video will be transcoded into multiple formats through automated processes. This will ensure that the video fits any device anywhere in the world. Paul is happy because he knows that Digizuite™ is the strongest performing DAM solution on the market. It manages millions of digital assets and hundreds thousands of users simultaneously.

Watch the full process of how Paul makes his digital content travel worldwide with Digizuite™ Media Manager in this video.


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