Digital Asset Management for retailers

Digital Asset Management for retailers

Digizuite™ digital asset management for retail helps you to gain competitive advantages through cross-channel marketing. Working in the retail business, you have probably built up a need to structure your numerous campaigns and other marketing activities whether it’s for print, retail displays, e-commerce, websites, social media or mobile.

Support your cross-channel strategy with digital asset management for retail

Normally retailers accumulate thousands of digital assets from photographers and with a digital asset management system, you get a centralized place to store and manage you media files. Through automated processes you can upload, transcode and distribute your assets fast. With Digizuite™ DAM you can operate on the right channels in order to achieve visible results on the bottom line. Digizuite™ DAM supports and strengthens your overall digital strategy and business objectives and increases your sales.

Key advantages for retailers and brands:

  • More efficiency when working with digital assets.

  • Faster time to market.

  • Improved collaboration – internally and externally.

  • Quickly find and repurpose existing material in any format.

  • Visible results on the bottom line.

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