Digizuite receives large capital to secure global growth


The energy company EWII is joining powerful IT entrepreneurs and startup founders to create global success.

The powerful team behind Digizuite; the serial entrepreneurs Annette and Søren Skovbølling; the successful business strategist Michael Koehn Milland; Sitecore founder Thomas Albert, and the energy company EWII Group, are providing capital funding to secure sustained growth for Digizuite.

Digizuite operates in the global market for intelligent management of digital content and streamlining of digital processes – a market seeing rapid growth. The DAM market is expected to grow by ca. 800% until 2020 (Source: Markets & Markets), and Digizuite sees a global potential ahead.

The software company Digizuite reached a big milestone in 2016 after being chosen by Gartner as one of the leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendors, while receiving major orders from US companies and organizations. 

Digitalt content fuels customer experience

“Digital content production and consumption is soaring. 90% of all data has been produced in the last 2 years. People waste large amounts of time and resources when searching, finding, sharing, and repurposing relevant knowledge internally as well as externally. Heavy, manual processes are a barrier for growth. Companies approach us to remove anarchy and silos across the organization”, states Annette Lang Skovbølling, Digizuite CEO.

The substantial growth in Digital Asset management software is a direct consequence of the increasing needs coming from enterprises needing to communicate, market, and share knowledge across departments, countries and channels (online and offline) in a global context. Their success highly relies on delivering relevant customer and user experiences fast and efficiently, ultimately resulting in growing amounts of digital content.

“For more than 3 years, we have been determined and have worked hard on creating a foundation for a global success story. We are proud that leading researchers value Digizuite as trendsetters within digital collaboration. In a matter of seconds, you can produce, upload, and deliver relevant content for the right users all over the world. This helps create new opportunities for growth and new services, states Søren Skovbølling, Digizuite’s chairman of the board.

Technology, digitization and big data is the driving force

Both independent advisors and customers have valued Digizuite’s product and solutions as one of the best DAM solutions in the market. EWII’s investment in Digizuite is significant for EWII in relation to their strategic collaboration and focus on automating processes.

“We see Digizuite as one of those companies who will set the agenda for the digital future. It’s impressive what they have accomplished in the last 3-4 years, and their timing in the market couldn’t be more perfect. We see a lot of potential in the DAM market and in Digizuite, and subsequently for EWII as well,” states Knud Steen Larsen, CEO, the EWII Group.  

EWII, one of Denmark’s leading energy companies with many strong activities, has been rethinking the company’s role during the years. With an aggressive growth strategy, nationally and internationally, EWII invests in new technology, digitization, and big data as the main areas. The current investment in Digizuite is tied to EWII’s overall strategy.

”Over the years, we have built up a powerful position within the energy industry, which we are very proud of. Simultaneously, we have always had an eye on the digital development, including big data, and we see it as a natural part of our strategy to support and develop future winning technologies, explains Knud Steen Larsen, CEO, the EWII Group.

About Digizuite

Digizuite is a global software company, helping people and companies improve digital collaboration across digital channels, departments and countries via optimized and automated digital processes.

Digizuite develops the digital asset management software, Digizuite™ DAM, giving all users a complete overview of digital media files from a single source. Companies from all industries use Digizuite™ DAM to upload, search, manage, share and repurpose digital media files (images, video, documents) on internal and external channels.

About EWII

EWII is a national energy group with international activities. Every day we work hard to develop climate friendly energy technologies for the future - particularly within the production of wind power, electric vehicles, fuel cells and welfare technology solutions.

We sell energy to consumers and businesses in Denmark as well as energy management solutions nationally and internationally. In addition, we provide district heating, fiber broadband and clean drinking water to our local community in the Triangle Region of Denmark.

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