Why Creating a Company Culture Should be High on Your Priority List

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An Interview with Digizuite Board Member Annette Lang Skovbølling

Digizuite has a special place in Annette Lang Skovbølling heart. As a current board member and partner, and former CEO, she has been an instrumental part the journey that brought Digizuite to an international key player in the Digital Asset Management space. Annette has seen both the product and its employees grow and learn. She has been very conscious in the creation of a company culture that allows for both high performance and actually enjoying where you work.

Why do you think setting a company culture is so important?

It’s my belief that building a culture of trust, transparency and collaboration is the best way to ensure that people are able to perform at their best, have the courage to speak up and try new things, and to get the most out of the relationships they create at Digizuite. We care about one another, both professionally and off the clock. We’re here to support each other through challenging times. I’ve seen it happen over and over, and I think it makes all the difference to the individual employee and in the long run to the company.

Digizuite is now a multi-national company. How does having Danish roots impact the culture?

Digizuite has grown tremendously since I started. We now have 10 different nationalities in four different countries working with us. One of the key things we’ve adopted from Danish culture is the flat hierarchical structure across the company. People are given a lot of freedom to make their own decisions and there is place for everyone to come with new ideas. We also look at the person beyond just the 9-5 that they spend at the office – there is so much more to our employees than that!

We also like to have fun at work, and I think it leads to better results and higher employee retention. Showing people that they are appreciated for the work they do is important to us. It doesn’t have to be much, but a company lunch or excursion can make a big difference.

What is the best way to create a culture?

Cultural changes should come from the top. You have to lead by example and put a structure in place that will allow for the changes you want to drive. The changes will then cascade throughout the organization. Having the right mindset and showing that every day is contagious!

Another key way to create a culture is to have everyone involved in setting goals for the organization. That way we all move in the right direction and have an easier time collaborating.

Do you have a different culture internally vs. externally?

We act and interact the same way internally as externally. It is vital for us to be transparent with our customers, and to build the trust and relationships. Digizuite is a very customer-centric company, and our customers confirm that repeatedly. Our ambition, culture and brand should shine through in every interaction we have!

Any last thoughts on culture at Digizuite?

We’re very ambitious in the goals we set for ourselves individually, and as teams and we love to grow and develop our talent to the fullest. Working on creating the best culture and environment for our employees never stops – it is going to be an ongoing project to keep us growing, but it is a challenge we’re more than willing to accept!

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