Share and collaborate on digital content with Digizuite™ Media Manager

Share and collaborate on digital content with Digizuite™ Media Manager

This September, we are introducing a brand new product – Digizuite™ Media Manager. At Digizuite, we believe in the power of global collaboration. That’s why we make it easy for you to share your digital content wherever you want to whomever you want.

Your own corporate brand central

Digizuite™ Media Manager is more than just an image bank – it’s a media central that empowers you to manage all file types. By using a digital asset management tool, you are enabled to upload, store, manage, search, share and repurpose all your rich media content from a centralized source. Global companies and organizations use Digizuite™ to streamline their brand management across channels, departments and markets, while ensuring governance when working with their visual brand identity.

Easy digital collaboration – anywhere

With the introduction of Digizuite™ Media Manager, our aim is to help our customers reach new goals through automation and optimization of digital processes when collaborating with colleagues, other departments, customers, partners and agencies on digital files such as images, videos, documents, audio files etc. Working with your digital content has never been easier regardless of your device. At Digizuite, we know the importance of being able to access your digital content, upload, edit, crop and distribute on the go. Therefore, you can expect the same functionalities whether you are using Digizuite™ Media Manager on mobile, tablet and desktop  – always through an intuitive interface.

What’s new in Digizuite™ Media Manager? 

The following main features are new and they separate Digizuite™ Media Manager from our old product, Digizuite™ Media Portal:

  • Collaborate across countless collections – create, manage and share collections containing multiple types of files. Share a collection with internal and external users or on social media channels

  • 1:1 functionalities across multiple devices – upload, edit metadata, crop, and distribute from your mobile, tablet or desktop

  • Customized interface – use your own logo and brand elements in Digizuite™ Media Manager to support your brand

  • Easy upload from your smartphone, tablet or desktop – upload from your local storage or OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox

  • Real time search – get accurate search results with the help of a strong metadata structure

  • Stunning view of all your rich media content – choose between thumbnails, list view or gallery view

  • Crop and zoom images – and download


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