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As of April 1st, Anna Lergaard is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Digizuite, one of the world’s leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) software companies in the MarTech space. Her focus is on developing strategic partnerships, driving our marketing technology strategy, and personalizing our messaging.

“As we continue to grow and invest strategically in the US market, we couldn't think of a better fit than a Scandinavian with a background in marketing for and to Fortune 500 companies in the US. With a heavy focus on data driven decision making and deep knowledge in the MarTech stack, we are happy Anna is on board to help us be at the forefront of both DAM and MarTech”, says Kim Wolters, CEO, Digizuite.

“I am beyond excited to join the Digizuite journey and drive the development of marketing technology as a continued investment of our efforts in the US and European market. Apart from having, in my opinion, the very best DAM system in the market, Digizuite's best asset might actually lie in the people, who keep impressing and overdelivering. We'll keep focusing on being best of breed, both in our own solution and in the way we leverage marketing technology ourselves” says Anna Lergaard, CMO, Digizuite.

Anna has 5+ years’ marketing experience from Microsoft, working with everything from developers to C-levels in the largest enterprises in the US.

Accelerating growth globally

Digizuite is expanding the US team with additional ressources to the sales and marketing team to boost growth both in the US and European market.

In 2017, Digizuite opened an office in Belgium to strengthen our presence in Continental Europe, having added Mircea Verbeeren to the team to build growth activities and build relations with partners. In 2018, Digizuite continued to strengthen its global focus by opening new offices in New York and London.

Late 2018, Digizuite joined as an Episerver Add-on Partner, releasing a seamlessly integrated DAM for Episerver Ad-on the global market. The new Digizuite™ DAM for Episerver Add-on is developed in collaboration with Allan Thraen, Episerver E-MVP.

Early 2019, Digizuite brought in a new Chief Operating Officer to strengthen our delivery of professional services to clients around the world.

DAM software supports digital transformations 

Since 2000, Digizuite is serving global companies and organizations from all over the world. With additions to the team, Digizuite is maintaining their 100% focus on taking over the North American market, ultimately preserving their position as a sought-after DAM vendor for enterprises. 

Businesses, including global brands and Fortune500 companies, use Digizuite™ DAM in their digital transformations to automate and optimize digital processes when managing digital content (images, video, documents, audio, VR) from one place and sharing on multiple channels. Digizuite has offices in Denmark, USA, UK, and Belgium.

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