From complexity to simplicity – how BoConcept is ensuring brand consistency

Integration with Sitecore and PIM from a central repository and ensuring brand consistency

BoConcept, a Danish manufacturer of urban design and luxury furniture, has been a global player for more than 60 years.

With locations in 58 countries, a large amount of digital channels, 17 catalogs in different languages, and thousands of product images, BoConcept needed to gather all this information in one place.

In the digital era where you typically only have a few seconds to impress the potential customer, it’s essential to give stakeholders a positive experience of your brand. Before you can deliver fulfilling customer experiences, you need visual content telling the story of your brand. Imagine the large amount of images created every single day in a global business like BoConcept.

Integration with Sitecore and PIM from a central repository

That’s why BoConcept chose to integrate their product information management tool and Sitecore CMS with Digizuite™ digital asset management, enabling them to upload, manage, search and repurpose thousands of images from one place. The complete integrated solution optimizes digital workflows across the entire business.

The result: minimizing the risk of making mistakes and ensuring all product images are connected to the right product information. Ultimately, BoConcept can deliver the right visual content to the right audience in targeted markets around the world.

All this is possible by using Digizuite™ as the backbone of their global collaboration.


Watch the video above to see how we help BoConcept optimize digital business processes. Are you interested in learning more about digital optimization? Get inspired by our infographic or learn what Digizuite™ digital asset management is all about.  


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