Everything is about usability in this major release of Digizuite™ DAM


At Digizuite, we constantly strive to develop software solutions with our users in mind. Our goal is to create solutions that optimize daily processes and add value to businesses when working with digital media files on multiple channels.
This June, we are launching the biggest release in years when it comes to usability of Digizuite™ DAM Center - for users, administrators and developers. Making collaboration easy is a key factor within this release, which you will experience when working with your visual, creative projects within Adobe Creative Cloud. 

New, improved user interface for better user experience

With this release, the Digizuite™ DAM Center meets a long requested update of the user interface and user experience. Along with a beautiful, new and clean UI, all response time navigating the Digizuite™ DAM Center have been optimized. Paging, sorting and filtering in all major lists, along with customizing which columns to include, provides you with an improved user experience. You will be able to expand and collapse central panels based on your needs. Furthermore the Drag and Drop functionality is completely rewritten, showing you where items can be dropped.
Setting up new, automatic workflows for cataloging, saving, sharing, approval and distributing has never been easier with the new improved workflow wizards. Follow the steps in the wizards and new workflows are set up. If you need to edit them afterwards it's just as easy. 

Digizuite™ Creative Cloud Connector 

Get quick access to your creative work no matter the time or place. Edit and save your work directly from Adobe Creative Cloud in the Digizuite™ DAM Center. The integration between Adobe Creative Cloud and Digizuite™ DAM provides you with the opportunity for searching, locating, editing and saving images and graphics directly from Digizuite™ DAM into your Adobe Creative Cloud programs, including InDesign, Photoshop, Bridge etc. The integration is a valuable resource for your creative department and ensures fast and seamless cooperation during the visual and creative process as well as making creative work easy to find due to strong metadata management.

Digizuite™ Integration Services (Open API)

Digizuite™ Integration Services has been improved for easier use of the API when integrating with Digizuite™ DAM Center. Digizuite™ Integration Services is a set of tools that enable you to integrate all types of software for data exchange. You will experience the flexibility of using best-of-breed solutions - all your digital assets and related metadata stored in Digizuite™ DAM Center will be accessible in other systems e.g. your PIM system. With Digizuite™ Integration Services, your business systems connect for smooth and efficient digital workflows.

Easy development and integration

A new online documentation for the latest Digizuite™ Integration Services is updated with live examples and code samples, making it easier for developers to use the API for faster integration. REST and JSON are the key technologies giving a great support for both desktop and mobile application development.
Digizuite™ Integration Services is an integrated part of the Digizuite™ DAM Solution.

Stability, patches and usability enhancements

Besides the major software improvements mentioned above, we have been working on improving our existing solutions when it comes to stability, patched and bug fixes. Upgrades of products, such as the DAM for Sitecore 8 module, are also a part of this release. 


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