Digizuite supports omnichannel


Digizuite has entered into a strategic partnership with Networked Business Institute (NBI) to help businesses learn about their omnichannel readiness.

NBI is an international research project that is financed and supported by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Industri, Copenhagen Business School, the Danish Business Authority and Sitecore.

The aim of NBI is to help increase digital growth and competitiveness across industries by delivering the omnichannel survey. The survey, based on the framework from the book Make it all about me, and I’ll buy it! by Rasmus Houlind, provides insights into organizations’ strengths and identifies unused digital potential.

Digizuite is technology partner

As a technology partner, Digizuite is specialized within optimizing business processes for companies who aim to improve the way they work digitally. Digizuite’s expertise in multi-channel execution and digital process optimization helps companies manage digital content and brand assets in the entire content lifecycle, including uploading, approving workflows, managing, editing, distributing and repurposing assets across online as well as offline channels. Digizuite helps companies reach a faster time to market with the right content to the right people, ultimately ensuring increased customer loyalty across channels and devices.

International rollout starting in Sweden

The first step in the international rollout of the NBI tool will focus on Swedish companies, who will be able to map their omnichannel maturity across six disciplines using the NBI omnichannel mapping and benchmarking tool.


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