Digital Asset Management Case Study: LM Wind Power


It is easy to structure and share digital media files at LM Wind Power

From the global communications department, the global communication is spread throughout the world. This means that it is often complex processes when large media files such as images and video are to be shared on a variety of platforms and to multiple global offices. Therefore, LM Wind Power has chosen to automate the structure of media files and facilitate the access to their employees around the world.

Automates time-comsuming processes

– We decided many years ago to invest in a Digizuite™ DAM solution to automate our time-consuming processes. All our digital media files are stored in the solution and through automated workflows they are distributed where ever they are needed. In addition to the core DAM solution, we have connected a media portal as well as a plugin for our Sitecore CMS system, which means that we can easily work with images and video for the web, says Gitte Mejlhede, Webmaster at LM Wind Power.

LM Wind Power employs 5800 people and is represented on four continents. The head office is shared between Kolding and Amsterdam, and in addition, the company has production facilities in China, India, Spain, USA and Canada.

Easy access to media files for both internal and external users

– We link to our media portal from the company’s website. It is available for approximately 2500 employees and external users receive a login, if they need to download our material.

LM Wind Power

Automatic formatting of video and images for the web

– I think it’s easier to use DAM for Sitecore than using the media library that comes as standard in a Sitecore solution. Especially because I do not need to optimize images and video for the web. I just save my hi-res file in my DAM solution, and then it is automatically passed on into my Sitecore solution in the correct format. That’s clever. I do not need to get hold of external systems to handle, for example, video or for optimizing the video for the web. At the same time I can save a lot of workflows, because I can upload media files directly from Sitecore and from the DAM solution, she says.

Internal videos for the entire world

LM Wind Power already utilizes their Digizuite™ DAM solution on many fronts, but Gitte Mejlhede sees more opportunities.

– We expect to exploit the use of our Digizuite even further and will assign a video portal for structuring all our videos. We are already in the process of developing an internal information channel, where there will be an opportunity for video-blogging from, for example, our management and we want to use the Digizuite™ Video Portal. I could also imagine eventually using the video portal to share knowledge, for instance, in the form of manuals, instructions, an internal YouTube channel and more. It is obvious to use our Digizuite for it, because of its easy integration with other systems.

– I would say that the more you utilize the Digizuite, the more profitable it becomes. The more processes are automated, the more time and money will be saved, says Gitte Mejlhede to finish with.

I often get requests for photos, and when that happens, it’s really easy to make a basket in the media portal and send the link to whoever may need it. I avoid compressing images and afterwards figuring out how to get them sent. It is easy for both me and the recipient, Gitte Mejlhede continues.

In a global business the web is an important channel for communication and marketing. LM Wind Power uses Sitecore CMS and as a natural extension of this, the company has installed a DAM for Sitecore module that integrates their Digizuite™ with Sitecore.

LM Wind Power’s Digizuite™ DAM

• The digital media files are stored in the DAM solution.

• The DAM solution is connected to Sitecore through the seamlessly integrated Digizuite DAM for Sitecore module 

• The solution has an Digizuite Video Portal attached to it, that functions as an internal TV-station. 

• Because of an Akamai CDN-solution they can broadcast high quality video on a global scale.



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