Digital Asset Management Case Study: HusCompagniet


HusCompagniet is Scandinavia’s largest and oldest home-builder having built more than 19.000 homes since 1972.

“Building your own home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. There are many choices involved, from location, to facade, to size. HusCompagniet’s customers expect their dream home to be perfect, so we need to make sure we get everything right. We want to make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible, while offering a wide range of options. But more options mean increased complexity; not only for the customer, but also for us on making sure everything is perfect across all locations and sub-contractors”, explains Mikkel Simonsen, Head of Digital Marketing, HusCompagniet.

Digizuite enables us to focus on what’s most important; creating an amazing end-to-end customer experience.
— Mikkel Simonsen, Head of Digital Marketing, HusCompagniet

HusCompagniet has 14 offices all across the country with over 70 different show houses. They needed real-time updates and a structure for all digital assets. That's why they chose to use Digizuite's Digital Asset Management system. Why? Their sellers can pull up digital assets on the fly through Digizuite’s Media Manager. Sometimes it can be hard to envision how a home would look like once built. This leads to faster, more accurate decisions, and a better customer experience. HusCompagniet stores virtual tours stored in the DAM, so home buyers can visit their new home throughout the building process, and to fine-tune any design elements.

Digizuite integrates seamlessly to their website via Sitecore, and their marketing and web team are therefore able to upload and manage photos faster than ever.

“Digizuite enables us to focus on what's most important; creating an amazing end-to-end customer experience”, says Mikkel Simonsen, Head of Digital Marketing, HusCompagniet.

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