We help you comply with GDPR


Why GDPR? 

The aim of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA).

EU’s GDPR asks all business professionals to acknowledge and respect every customer’s data contribution to their business before the GDPR law goes into effect May 25th 2018.  

We’ve created this overview to summarize how Digizuite™ DAM supports your compliance efforts out-of-the-box. This guidance we are outlining applies to Digizuite™ DAM Center version 4.6 and newer.


Digizuite™ DAM supports your compliance efforts

As most businesses use digital asset management (DAM) software to store images or videos of individuals, content editors are seeking paths to comply with GDPR by having easy processes when naming, tagging, writing captions, and searching for assets to define who is included in each photo or video.

Our software provides these features to ensure you, as our customer, are complying with each individual’s data privacy rights when storing and managing personal data using digital asset management software.  


The right to be informed

  • If you manage personal data, you must reveal what you collect and how you use it. Transparency can be achieved through a privacy notice and through general communications with customers. Digizuite™ DAM lets customers quickly generate an overview of which data they are storing on all registered users in the system, using a command line tool.  


The right of access

  • All individuals have a right to get confirmation about the data you are using. They also have a right to get access to all personal data that you have gathered about them and are managing through the Digizuite™ DAM software. The tool provided can extract data and save this into a file that can be shared with the individual.


The right to rectification

  • All individuals have a right to correct their personal information if it’s inaccurate or incomplete. Digizuite™ DAM supports this by letting administrators and content editors correct user information directly from the user interface or through our API in connectors/integrations.   


The right to be forgotten

  • The right to be forgotten gives all individuals power to request their personal data to be deleted or removed. In Digizuite™ DAM, you can anonymize personal data to make sure it doesn’t impact any uploaded assets or your analytics in Digizuite™ Insights. 


Customers can use our UI, API and a command line tool to handle the above requirements.

In addition, we have a Data Processing Agreement ready for customers to sign if required.


The ability to have one single source of brand compliant images means that everyone within the organization can access the brand elements from Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. The compliance in terms of brand guidelines empowers us to maintain the quality control of the look and feel of what we produce.
— British Medical Association


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