Increase efficiency working with digital marketing assets across multiple platforms

digital marketing assets, video management

Working with digital content for the sports, entertainment and publishing industries requires fast workflows that can ensure you reach a broad audience in as short a time as possible.

A Digizuite™ DAM solution lets you manage all your rich content, such as video management, digital files, music, films and audio clips. Whether you need to find content, check approval rights or work with different versions and review rounds, Digizuite™ makes it easy. It has the high performance required to manage heavy video formats easily and smoothly – even in countries where broadband speed is known to be an issue.

This high-performance, scalability and ease of use are just some of the reasons why companies throughout the sport, entertainment and publishing industries rely on Digizuite™ DAM solutions.

Why Digizuite™ DAM?

  • Increased efficiency when managing digital assets on multiple platforms
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved collaboration – internally and externally
  • Simplify approval processes
  • Reach a broader audience across country and language borders
  • Mobile uploading
  • Strong rights management
digital marketing assets, video management
Endemol Shine Group was looking for a DAM that could not only manage our marketing assets, but also interlink with Sitecore and Azure’s cloud environment. Of course, we valued high performance, scalability and video capabilities within one system as a key differentiator. Together with our suppliers Digizuite and Microsoft, we implemented the scalable and reliable solution which makes executing our asset flow sustainable and future proof.
— Endemol

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