Digital Asset Management Software for Home Builders


Deliver better customer experiences
and increase property sales
using a DAM system

As a home builder, marketing can yield great results when you utilize relevant digital content (virtual tours, videos, photos, 3D models) to provide clients with better customer experiences.


Virtual tours sell homes faster

Home buyers want to see what their dream home will look like before embarking on a home building adventure. They expect to see virtual tours and 3D architecture models of their dream home. Your sellers and marketing team need a single source for storing, managing and sharing visual content to better capture the interest of the buyers and show them all the details that makes a home: the facade, the windows, the stairs, and every little detail that can spark an interest.



Central brand hub for brand assets

Digizuite™ Media Manager helps digital marketers and sellers present better customer experiences by providing a centralized digital brand hub for all brand assets. Marketers have endless opportunities for sharing property visuals across many digital channels. You can integrate your DAM system with your CMS to show images and videos in the right format and quality to enable smooth performance on websites. You can store virtual tours in Digizuite™ Media Manager and present them on the go using a tablet or virtual reality glasses. The sky is the limit. And we’ll take you there.

Easy file sharing for construction projects, including CAD drawings

With offices cross-country and even around the world, the need for archiving, managing and sharing high volumes of digital assets in a variety of specialized formats is business-critical. This includes virtual reality and augmented reality content, such as 3D models and even CAD files, as well as traditional brand assets like rich media content (photos and videos). A Digital Asset Management system provides an overview of where a digital asset is used, who has access to it, and how popular it is based on usage.


Why marketers need a DAM system:

  • One platform for all rich media content. It’s easy to archive, manage, search, find and reuse all digital assets, resulting in time-savings and improved operational efficiency

  • Your sales team can access approved digital assets on the go

  • Faster time to market (the ability to react faster to opportunities in the market makes you more competitive)

  • Enables new digital services/opportunities by integrating your DAM system with other business-critical tools
    (3D software, virtual reality tools etc.)

  • Better online collaboration across offices, channels and teams

Check out how the Danish home builder HusCompagniet has integrated our DAM software with their CMS to serve better customer experiences.

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