Digital Asset Management in Sitecore - manage marketing channels from one place


Combine DAM software and Sitecore to get the best web content management

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is a powerful tool for managing marketing channels from one platform. Sitecore editors can combine enterprise digital asset management software and customer experience management for high-quality brand experiences across multiple channels. Digizuite™ DAM makes it easy with to search, find, manage and share digital files from Sitecore CMS, giving you a full overview of your digital content and marketing channels, making customer experiences even stronger.

As video becomes a more important marketing tool, Digizuite gives you a digital repository for all your videos that is easy to use and high performing. Your team will experience that it’s easy to find the video they need and they’ll quickly see if they have the rights to use it.


Create the best customer experience on any channel

Furthermore, Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore creates the best customer experience by ensuring videos are seen as intended – regardless of where they are shown. All video is automatically transcoded to the device on which it is shown to ensure the highest quality.

For businesses and organizations working in a global business environment, Digizuite makes it easy for you to take control of your digital assets and create high-value customer experiences. All from the Sitecore platform you already know.

I love it when products just work! Video hosting and streaming directly from our Digizuite™ DAM to Sitecore. No more relying on YouTube. Thank you, Digizuite.
— Manager of Digital Solutions, MCR Safety

Manage millions of files in DAM for Sitecore:

  • Manage millions of images, videos, documents and PDF files in the quality and format you need. Digizuite transcodes and optimizes assets for all screen sizes automatically to give your users a high-quality experience on your website  

  • Easily share content on multiple channels directly from within Sitecore (multi-channel distribution)

  • A strong metadata structure enables fast search and gives you a complete overview of digital assets

  • Automated and dynamic cropping with one click: Choose the most important detail in the image, and the system will automatically crop the area around the detail

  • Get powerful video capabilities in Sitecore, supporting all video formats to ensure high quality streaming of video on any device anywhere in the world

  • Create automated workflows for approval processes and sharing

  • Control access with user roles and permission levels aligned with the rights management in Sitecore

  • Track and analyze the usage of your digital assets

  • Achieve strong brand asset management

  • Integrate with all systems via our open API


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The only seamlessly integrated DAM for Sitecore module

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore is the only module on the market that is built in Sitecore components (SPEAK). This takes Sitecore integration to new heights as Digizuite™ DAM is seamlessly integrated with Sitecore in all features, from search to experience editing and analytics. 

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore was invented by the people who invented Sitecore. We have not only integrated our DAM with Sitecore, we created a DAM inside the heart of Sitecore. You won’t have to leave Sitecore to get the benefits of a full-blown DAM system underneath Sitecore.

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As a customer or a partner you are guaranteed a high level of quality when it comes to strategic solutions, valuable consulting, digital performance and a comprehensive service on a global scale. 

Working with us as a Sitecore Gold Technology Partner is your assurance for always being one step ahead of the technological development within integrated digital asset management and customer experience solutions.


Digizuite is an excellent product for marketing and an easy tool to integrate with Sitecore. It’s a very user-friendly tool with all the features that even helps IT integrate with applications. The Sitecore integration is very easy to configure thus making a seamless experience. The product can be easily customized depending on your requirement and processes. Overall a great product that brings Digital Asset Management to forefront with excellent price tag.
— Service Corporation International

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