Digital Asset Management for Construction: Online collaboration tool

online collaboration tool, digital asset management for construction

Easy file sharing for construction projects, including CAD drawings

Any successful construction project requires the input and expertise from many different professional groups. But when you have architects, project managers, construction managers, designers and the sales team all involved, you can often end up wasting valuable – not to mention expensive – time on finding and sharing relevant files.

With the Digizuite™ DAM for Construction solution, you can use our digital library as an online collaboration tool for all file management associated with the project. This lets your teams collaborate across departments, locations and professions easily and efficiently. Whether you need to manage and share CAD drawings or work on videos and graphics associated with the project, the Digizuite™ solution is easy to use and compatible with all major software and IT platforms. 

Why Digizuite™ DAM?

  • Simplify file sharing, including CAD drawings, videos and graphics
  • Easier collaboration across borders and locations
  • Smoother approval processes
  • Faster workflows

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