Imagine all your digital content at your fingertips – wherever you are.

If you feel that your organization is creating digital silos as different departments create and store digital content in different systems, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

Digizuite™ DAM gives you a single repository for all of your digital files that is easy to use and access across all departments, subsidiaries and with external vendors and partners. 


A central source for all your brand material

All your images, videos and digital files are uploaded centrally in your digital asset management system, and assigned tags and metadata so others can find and use them. And to ensure that the right content ends up with the right people, user rights and access are assigned to each file. 

So when a subsidiary wants an image for a campaign, you can be sure they have found the latest image that is relevant for their market and in a format they can use. Sound easy? That’s because it is.


The importance of visuals

The most critical types of visuals for efficient brand management according to marketers.
The ability to have one single source of brand compliant images means that everyone within the organization can access the brand elements from Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. The compliance in terms of brand guidelines empowers us to maintain the quality control of the look and feel of what we produce.
— British Medical Association

Strong control of your brand, when creating assets, using assets and distributing assets

  • Manage all digital assets in one place
  • Save time when sharing digital assets on multiple channels
  • Optimize and automate digital workflows
  • Control user rights
  • Compatible with all major software
  • Available in the cloud

 Trusted by brands around the world 

Our customers know the importance of easy brand management. 


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