Digital Asset Management Case study: British Medical Association


As the Head of Digital Communications Strategy for the British Medical Association (BMA), Stewart Atkins is responsible for the overall digital strategy; leading the organization’s comprehensive transformation that places digital at the heart of the organization and ensures digital is part of its DNA. An essential phase in the transformation process is to find the right digital partners and technology solutions, enabling the strategy to see the light of the day.


Fragmented use of digital assets

“When I did my initial work for the digital strategy, I discovered that we had 6 different image banks within the organization. Some were reasonably well organized, others were not organized at all. There was no single source of truth in terms of every asset”, Stewart Atkins explains.

A unified, intelligent digital repository was the answer to replace the plethora of folders, internal drives and disparate image banks the organization had accumulated over time.

Software systems that talk with each other

Before embarking on a DAM project, the BMA wanted to make sure their future digital asset management solution was closely aligned with their business and technology requirements. They were on the lookout for an enterprise system that could contain all of their visual and rich media digital assets and cope with different resolutions while operating across a wide array of digital channels and supporting their print based operations. A solution that could ideally work in conjunction with their other key platforms, Sitecore for CMS and Telligent for online communities, as well as integrating with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. At that time, Digizuite™ was the only digital asset management software that had an option to integrate with Sitecore – using the Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore module.

“The fact that it was able to integrate with Sitecore, our primary content management platform, was a key decider in going with the Digizuite™ product”, says Stewart Atkins.


Rich media content heavy organization

The BMA’s communications and engagement directorate includes a web content editing team, creative services production team, news team, and social media team among others who are widely using DAM in different content production processes, one of them being their visual brand identity. The typical use scenarios are centered on developing, editing and managing rich media content such as images and infographics. In this case, the Digizuite™ Adobe Creative Cloud connector is central in efficiently pulling out images directly from the DAM into InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. This enables their employees to be more effective in their job and successfully perform creative processes while saving time through automated and optimized digital workflows.

Brand management from one place

In the recent years, the BMA has undergone an extensive branding project in conjunction with their agency partner Moving Brands that led to a mission statement that ‘We look after doctors so they can look after you’ and ‘Our vision is a profession of valued doctors delivering the highest quality health services’. The implementation of the new brand included a redevelopment of their website, mobile site and online community platform, led by their digital agency partner Precedent Communications. The refreshment of the look and feel on all channels is a closer step towards increased membership engagement and recruitment of potential members.

When the branding project came into play, their Digizuite™ DAM system could enable and support an integrated approach to the entire content life cycle, including storage, management, development, conversion, distribution and re-use of all image, infographic and video content and brand elements on multiple channels. Ultimately, Digizuite™ functions as one of the ‘single sources of the truth’ that form the foundation for their digital DNA.

“The ability to have one single source of brand compliant images means that everyone within the organization can access the brand elements from Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. The compliance in terms of brand guidelines empowers us to maintain the quality control of the look and feel of what we produce”, says Stewart Atkins.

A seamless digital transformation through strong partnership

Going forward, the BMA aims to harness the opportunities of integrating the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform with its DotMailer email system and Dynamics CRM to present a better user experience for its members. Other future activities also include centralizing video content and fully applying the publishing capabilities in Digizuite™ DAM, such as distributing videos to YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms.

By deploying integrated systems that provide consistency, ease of use and improve the end-user experience, while closely collaborating with their core digital partners – Precedent, Sitecore, 4Roads, Telligent and Digizuite – the BMA is on the right track of finalizing a seamless digital transformation.

“We get good support from Digizuite who work like a partner should. It is clear that the product is evolving and there is a coherent roadmap”, Stewart Atkins concludes.

About British Medical Association

Based in London, the British Medical Association (BMA) is the trade union and professional association for doctors and medical students in the UK, representing more than 160,000 members. The British Medical Association was founded in 1832.



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