Why Video Marketing?


If you haven’t embraced video marketing yet, we’re bringing you a set of compelling evidence explaining why video marketing should be a major focus of your branding and marketing strategy. Visual content is effective because it’s the type of communications our brains crave.

Visual content is easier and faster for the brain to process while being an important tool for generating more views, clicks and conversions. When you decide to use a video on your website, you have a higher chance of engaging with the customers you’re looking for. Your video works like your elevator pitch available to your target group around the clock. Since 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before a customer even contacts the company, you have to consider how the buyer meets your brand on multiple channels – and take action.  We know that people watch a lot of video online. According to comScore, 45.4% of Internet users view at least one video per month. The opportunities of winning new customers by incorporating video marketing are endless. Marketers who aren’t using video marketing are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Video is a useful tool for ecommerce and lead generation

Video marketing helps increase sales and improves overall branding. Companies who demonstrate their products in a video have higher chances of increasing their conversion rate:

  • Video can strengthen your branding while ensuring that you rank higher in SERPs
  • 96% of consumers find video useful when buying online
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video
  • Using video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%
  • Videos increase the time a visitor spends on a website by 2 minutes
  • Email marketers experience an increase in CTR by 200% when including a video in an email

According to Econsultancy, consumers mostly watch the following types of videos:

  • Instructional videos: 67%
  • Product/service videos: 64%
  • Humorous videos: 64%

Things to consider before getting started with video

  • 83% prefer videos to last 5 minutes or less
  • You will lose 1/3 of your viewers after 30 seconds
  • 45% of viewers will lose interest in your video after 1 minute
  • 60% of viewers will lose interest after 2 minutes

While getting onboard with video marketing might seem easy, managing and distributing literally hundreds and thousands of video content assets can seem overwhelming without a strategic mindset and a software solution that supports your digital marketing efforts.

Learn more about video content management and find out how single source video management can help you save time when executing a video marketing strategy.


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