5 reasons why images should be in your content strategy


Content is king. We all know that. Often when we speak about content, we think about written content or video content. Photos are just as important – if not more. Learn why here.

1) People decode a photo 10 times faster than written content

It takes time and patience to read a text like the one you are reading now. Advocates for video communications will say that 1 minute of video is worth more than 1.8 billion words, so why not make a video? Video fits different purposes, but it’s also time-consuming and the target group must take action and press play. Photos, on the contrary, pop up in your head wherever you are and make an instant impact. If it makes you feel something, the photo will stay on your mind, which leads me to reason number two.

2) Photos evoke emotions better than text

If you are J.K Rowling writing about Harry Potter’s new adventures, it’s easy to evoke feelings with text. If you are a B2B company selling technical solutions, it might be more difficult. That is why you need to evoke feelings with your choice of photos. Split tests show that websites using photos of people have a higher conversion rate than websites without, while large photos convert better than small photos.

Everything in a photo matters when it comes to selling products. Taking control of the background can be the missing link in creating a beautiful photo.

An excellent example is Visit Denmark, the official tourist site of Denmark. They have a fully controlled visual style in their photos. Each one of their photos evoke a positive feeling and hopefully a desire to come visit Denmark.

3) Branding on multiple channels

Photos are typically used for branding purposes on multiple channels – both online and offline. A photo can be reused no matter which platform you are using. You need to consider this before producing your photos. Just think of responsive websites. How can you ensure your photo is presented in the highest quality on smartphones and large screens?

4) Distinguish your offerings from your competitors

The global marketplace is massive. This means that most companies have similar offerings to those of their competitors. Having a profound photo content strategy gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition. Take for example United Colors of Benetton, who have had a strong photo strategy for many years, making it easy for people to decode a Benneton photo.

5) Involve your target group

You can control many things yourself and your branded visual identity is entirely your choice. However, you cannot have a photo content strategy without considering whether you want to include Instagram or other social media networks. By involving your users to share their own experiences on e.g. Instagram, you can engage them to become brand advocates for your brand. It’s out of your control, but it can have its benefits. Instagram photos represent the reality and they are shared on the go. If you use them wisely, you have the opportunity to enrichen your digital channels.

Use content as a service  

Bear in mind that your content, whether it’s visual or written, must be useful for the target group in order to be effective. A content marketing approach is a long-term investment as opposed to traditional marketing. It includes producing large amounts of rich media content such as videos, images, blogposts, infographics and presentations. If you are providing your users with helpful pieces of content over a long period, you will stay top of mind, and ultimately become their preferred choice of brand.

If you’re interested in exploring how to execute a successful multi-channel marketing approach, check out our infographic on the power of DAM or read other blogposts here.


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