Future-proof your company: Gartner’s 5 forecasts for the DAM industry


Digizuite participated in the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in May in sunny San Diego, where the future for the Digital Asset Management industry looked very bright. What is the future of DAM and what does it mean for your company? Here are the five developments Gartner is forecasting.

1) Content is Emperor

We all have heard that ‘content is king’, but the future needs for content will continue to grow exponentially. Personalized content is our future and to deliver tailored content means content creation will increase 10x in the very near term.

2) Simplify Collaboration

The pressure to create more content with fewer resources is a challenge in every workplace, compounded by the lack of collaboration between siloed departments. The solution is smart tools that enable faster collaboration workflows.

3) Automation is Essential

By 2020 Gartner predicts 90% of consumer brands will meet bottlenecks in their handling of digital content. You have invested in marketing automation, now is the time for next level MarTech.

4) Siri becomes Serious

AI will continue to be a key buzzword for DAM and Artificial Intelligence will be a must-have by early 2019. This goes beyond auto-tagging, but more importantly to predictive modeling, where MarTech systems help clients with qualified predictions to improve the user experience.

5) Be Loud and Clear

Voice search will become mainstream in 2019. Gartner says visual and voice search expects revenue grow +30% due to ease of use. At the same time, voice search is expected to reduce the search time by least 50%.

Use strategic tools to control your brand experience 

All of these trends point in the same direction: our speed of business will be increasing and the need to deliver a highly personalized customer experience will be the difference been success and failure. A final unnerving statistic from Gartner: they predict by 2020, 75% of global consumer brands will lose 20% of their brand equity value due to declining brand perception. Hoping your company will be one of the prosperous 25%? See how we can help future-proof your business with Digizuite™ DAM solutions.  


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