5 trends that will shape construction and capital markets


Our worlds have gotten more complex and many industries have embraced technology to simplify workflows. However, the construction industry has lagged behind in this digital transformation. Project planning is still often a paper process, not a shared real-time digital process. These manual workflows mean that there are opportunities for delays and errors between the office and the field. When McKinsey & Company analyzed the construction industry, they saw 5 trends that will shape construction and capital projects going forward. Digizuite can help in supporting this digital ecosystem with digital collaboration and workflow tools.


5 Trends

  1. Hi-Def Surveying and Geo-location ensures rapid digital mapping and estimating
  2. Next Gen information modeling
  3. Digital Collaboration
  4. The Internet of Things and advanced analytics
  5. Future Proof materials and construction techniques 

However, when it comes to leadership in digitization, the construction industry is one of the least digitized. 


Digital collaboration and operational efficiency 

Digizuite can help in supporting this digital ecosystem with digital collaboration and workflow tools. At Digizuite, we simplify digital collaboration, so all your essential documents like design drawings, blueprints, procurement and supply-chain orders, equipment logs, daily progress reports, and project punch lists exist in one central library, everyone seeing the same document real-time. This centralized approach to managing digital files means time savings and no more issues of knowing which version is the latest one. Using digital project management workflows, your teams collaborate across departments, locations and professions easily and efficiently. Whether you need to manage and share CAD drawings or work on videos and graphics associated with the project, the Digizuite™ solution is easy to use and compatible with all major software and IT platforms. 

We work with large home building companies such as DR Horton and HusCompagniet, and understand how to integrate with the technology that is important for your business. Digizuite simply integrates with all of the software you use every day - Adobe Creative CloudMicrosoft Office, CMS (Sitecore and Episerver), and is available in the cloud on any device.

Why Digizuite™ DAM?

  • Simplify file sharing, including CAD drawings, videos and graphics
  • Easier collaboration across borders and locations
  • Smoother approval processes
  • Faster workflows

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